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To register for WSIB electronic billing via a secure online service, select the applicable provider type below.

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Select a registration type

Head office

If you represent the head office of an organization, you should select this option. You will need to provide details to register the head office, and link to at least one existing organization related to this head office. If there are no existing organizations associated with this head office, select “Organization” to register one first. You can then link it to a head office.


If you represent a hospital, clinic, private office, or other type of service provider, you should select this option. You will need to provide details to register the organization, have the option to link to an existing head office, and, if applicable based on the type of organization, be required to link to one or more providers. Providers can either be already registered or created during this process.

Independent provider

If you are an independent provider and not registering on behalf of an organization with multiple providers, you should select this option. Besides provider information, you will be able to enter a few basic details about your business as well. You will not be able to link to an organization if you select this option.

If you are not yet registered with us, complete these steps to register today.

If you are already registered with us, switch to online bill submission and take advantage of the many new features and benefits of our Provider Portal.

Overview of the Registration Steps:

For a Provider Registration:
  1. Go to the provider registration page
  2. Select your provider type (head office, organization or independent provider) and click Next
  3. Fill in your business and user profile information to create a Provider Portal account
  4. Once your registration is processed, you will receive an email with a welcome package containing your user login details and a quick start guide

In the Provider Portal:
  1. Sign in to the portal with your username and password
  2. Complete the steps to register for electronic funds transfer (EFT)
  3. Complete the direct deposit information and submit the pre-authorized bank form or a void cheque

If you have questions, contact TELUS at 1-866-240-7492